Skal Biocontrole

About the client

Skal Biocontrole is an independent organization that supervises organic production in the Netherlands. Skal ensures that organic production in the Netherlands complies with organic laws and regulations. Skal issues an organic quality mark for this.

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Our contribution

Procurement Act

Skal recently had to comply with the Public Procurement Act as a ZBO. In order to comply with this law, a consultant from Ifmec has been appointed to investigate the current purchasing organization in the form of a purchasing analysis. He also conducted research into the desired situation (acting as a contracting authority) and what measures are needed to get from the current to the desired situation. A change plan has been drawn up for this. Ultimately, Skal Biocontrole also gave our consultant the opportunity to initiate this transition.


Purchasing policy has been drawn up for this, procedures have been rewritten and contract management and management have been set up. In addition, a Purchasing Coordinator was recruited and the first tenders and contract negotiations were carried out.

Making the fleet more sustainable

As a second assignment, a vision was written on making the vehicle fleet more sustainable. Research was conducted into the range needs of the inspectors and the range available in the market. A policy document has been drawn up for the board and the transition has been initiated. A European tender was also carried out for this.


The result of the consultant's efforts is impressive. A purchasing analysis (including spend analysis) and change plan. A purchasing organization that complies with the Public Procurement Act. Optimally functioning contract management. A handbook, formats and templates for tenders and finally a piece of advice about making the fleet more sustainable.