About the client

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) in Bilthoven is committed to a healthy population and a sustainable, safe and healthy living environment. They do this by conducting independent scientific research.

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Our contribution

A consultant and a young professional were able to help RIVM coordinate an internal relocation. For the realization of new labs within the Science Park, it was necessary to move a number of office spaces. This relocation assignment consisted of two phases in which a total of 300 employees have moved.

As Relocation Coordinator, the young professional was responsible for all communication with the various parties, work instructions, scenarios, process descriptions and also aftercare. In addition, she was involved in setting up the workplaces, geared to the needs of each department. During the moving days, our moving coordinator was the point of contact. Upon successful completion of the assignment, a script has been provided for any subsequent relocations within the RIVM site. A policy proposal for hybrid working was also made and an analysis was made of the current housing situation.

In addition, RIVM was looking for a Facility Project Leader who, together with the Housing and Facility Services (HFD) team, would give direction and substance to the theme 'Bricks' within hybrid working and the associated challenges. The activities consisted of, among other things, collecting various housing needs from the centers, communicating about housing-related matters, ordering furniture through the Rijksmantel and participating in the Hybrid Works working group. Once again we were able to help coordinate internal relocations, with an inventory of the current meeting places in the buildings rented by RIVM. We also contributed to updating and further compiling the building files.

The professional contributed to mapping out the Customer Journey of the RIVM employee and made suggestions for improvement. All this within the framework of Housing