About the client

Innovam provides a wide spectrum of training and education for the entire mobility industry. They provide training in (company) car technology, (after) sales, management and HRM.

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Our contribution

Due to the loss of Innovam's Hardservices Manager, a gap had arisen. Ifmec was able to quickly provide Innovam with a temporary solution by deploying one of our consultants. The Hardservices department at Innovam is responsible for the Facility Services on the 4 training locations.

Within Innovam, various Ifmec professionals have helped with structural adjustments to buildings. For example, the ventilation systems have been replaced at various locations and a new training location has been completed. Our professionals also ensured that the head office is ready when employees want to go to the office. All this in accordance with the latest COVID-19 guidelines.

Our consultant was able to contribute to the professionalization of the department by drawing up a new organizational structure with associated job profiles. Support was also provided in the design of a new housing model.

A Hospitality project employee was responsible for the quality of the daily services within Innovam. She has led improvement actions within Innovam. For example, she mapped out and implemented the customer journey. Innovam has thus gone from an organization with a 'house in order' to an organization with a very high rating. Customer research now even gave it a 9+ rating.

Sustainability ambitions were also researched and co-developed. A Facilities policy plan for sustainable business operations was delivered. With which Innovam can really go further.

Support was also provided in the transition to hybrid working.