Gemeente Moerdijk

About the client

Municipality of Moerdijk is a municipality in the province of North Brabant.

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Our contribution

The Municipality of Moerdijk was on the eve of a major renovation that was entirely in the service of a new workplace concept and a changed vision on (hybrid) working. All this required further professionalization of the Facility Services. busy setting up and coordinating an Internal Service Point Physically recognizable, with clear management of processes and above all: a counter where colleagues could go for regular services, but also with questions and comments Our Facility Coordinator was responsible for the FMIS Topdesk and ensured that the process went smoothly.

The professional was primarily concerned with setting up, running and on that basis further developing the Internal Service Point. The needs, wishes and processes were mapped out using current theoretical frameworks and developments in the field. In order to achieve an optimal and modern design of the Service Point. Our Facility Professional was also involved in various tenders for small and larger Facility projects related to renovation and new ways of working.

Gemeente Moerdijk