Municipality Capelle aan den IJssel

About the client

Municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel is a town and municipality in the Dutch province of South Holland.

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Our contribution

With the municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel, Ifmec has been able to offer support several times in various areas.

Project Employee Real Estate

For example, Ifmec helped by deploying a Real Estate project employee. The municipality was given a building managed by subtenants. The work for our professional consisted of making contact with the subtenants, informing the subtenants and, above all, optimally recording the services. All this resulted in a much improved communication. Problems that arose could now be solved more easily.

Project Manager

Another consultant of ours was deployed very widely within this municipality as project leader of the following projects:

  • Strategic housing and workplace concept post-COVID (future of the office);
  • Back to the office;
  • Marap FD and spring memorandum (financial accountability of the department);
  • Project support corona core team;
  • Hygiene project supporter partnership;
  • Supervising interns;
  • Rollout of new laptops;
  • Rewrite access policy.

In addition, she supported the entire department and the department head and was the connecting factor between the units.

Coordinator Facility Service Desk

Another professional from Ifmec had several roles within the Municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel. For example, she was manager of the Facility Service Desk and also Project Manager optimization facility processes and service desk. She also acted as Coordinator Hard and Soft services maintenance. In that role she has implemented an FMIS system with a joint self-service portal for the IJssel municipalities. She was in charge of issuing and maintaining access passes (Salto) and also played a crucial role in the core team COVID-19 of the municipality of Capelle. She was responsible for the implementation of the COVID-19 policy. The focus was on digital services and the (re)design of the working environment.

Project Support Facility Services

Within the municipality of Capelle aan de IJssel, our Project Supporter Facility Services was able to act as Project Leader for European tendering security. She helped set up the policy and took care of the implementation of a new access system. She also helped design the hospitality within the organization.

Unit Head Facility Services

Ifmec was also able to provide the Unit Head of Facility Services. In this position she was responsible and manager of the facilities department. She also acted as project leader for waste separation and she has put the housing in order. Within the COVID-19 core team, she has taken care of the (re)design of the work environment and the digital services.

Project manager

As Project Manager, a consultant was responsible for the implementation of the FMIS system with a joint self-service portal for GR IJssel municipalities, Capelle aan den IJssel and Krimpen aan den IJssel.

Elections in Corona time

In 2021, a young professional was able to help with the facility challenges of the elections in Corona time. She was responsible for the entire implementation of the project. She was jointly responsible for the purchase and furnishing of polling stations at Team Elections of the municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel.


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