Energy Solutions Incubator

About the client

Energy Solutions Incubator, ESI for short, is a platform that devises constructive solutions for energy challenges. This may concern energy challenges of the living environment, mobility or energy storage.

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Our contribution

ESI was looking for a flexible, decisive and communicative professional who could shape the new campus environment together with the technical project leader. Our consultant was deployed for this. She was involved in, among other things, designing an innovative environment for startups. Contract management and the associated management (cleaning, coffee, building management) were also part of the range of tasks.

As project leader she was responsible for the continued development of ESI and the renovations. And she was also the first point of contact for tenants. Due to this intensive contact with the tenants, she was able to offer good tailor-made accommodation in terms of housing that is completely in line with the growth phase and needs of the tenants (pre-startup, startup, scale up).

A young professional was deployed at Energy Solutions Incubator as Operations Manager. At ESI she was responsible for maintaining the relationship with the tenants, controlling the finances, converting applications into action plans and finally putting all facilities in order. She has also been involved in leading and executing various projects.

Energy Solutions Incubator