Campus Landgoed Zonheuvel

About the client

Campus Landgoed Zonheuvel is a unique hotel & conference center for collaboration, reflection and inspiration located within the National Park De Utrechtse Heuvelrug. It is fully focused on its sustainable ambitions.

Ifmec works a lot with Campus Landgoed Zonheuvel and in particular the hotel & conference center. Since Ifmec is located on the campus and both parties attach great value to the same (sustainable) values, there is real cooperation between partners.

Learn more about Campus Landgoed Zonheuvel? Check out their website.

Our contribution

Green team
On Campus Landgoed Zonheuvel there is a so calles Green Team. Various parties from the campus participate in the Green Team. This creates a dynamic team that focuses on making the campus greener by means of sustainability processes and the development of a roadmap. Ifmec is proud that one of our consultants is part of this Greenteam.

Sustainability advisor
At the Zonheuvel Hotel and Conference Center, one of our young professionals gave advice on sustainable adjustments to the hotel and restaurant. As a sustainability consultant, she was able to conduct research in which she examined various sustainable processes. Examples of this are the separation of waste, the reuse of materials and the creation of a sustainable communication plan. It also looked at achieving the SDG objectives. Ultimately, our professional wrote an advice about this, which was subsequently implemented with great success within the services of Campus Landgoed Zonheuvel.