BAR municipalities

About the client

The BAR municipalities have formed a partnership between the municipalities of Barendrecht, Albrandswaard and Ridderkerk since 2014. The three municipalities are still independent, but have one joint official apparatus: the BAR organisation.

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Our contribution

When the three municipalities were merged, one central Facility Desk was created. Ifmec has ensured that the Facility Desk of the BAR organization has grown into a professional Facility Services team in three years' time. This was done by mapping out the processes , to improve accessibility and to record the processes unambiguously on the intranet (BAR plaza) and in the current FMIS system.

Process recording

The big leap forward was the establishment of a knowledge base in the FMIS system. By working with knowledge items within the Facility Desk, all employees can fall back on the work procedures of all facility subjects. Supplier agreements and contact details can also be found here. In addition, a handbook has been made in which the basis of working at the Facility Desk is laid down. This made better control and management of the Facility Desk possible. By setting up a 'self service portal' (Weten en Regelen) on BAR-plaza, the knowledge base in the FMIS system, the customer became more independent and far fewer questions were asked within the Facility Desk.

Process Optimization

After the introduction of the Facility Desk, Ifmec contributed to the process optimisation. The central question was whether processes such as these are now set up, can be made more convenient and smarter. How can Topdesk be used better? All this not only for the customer, but also for the facility department itself. Is the maximum being obtained from the IWMS system? The Facility Desk has undergone a transformation towards smarter working. In addition, knowledge about the customer was increasingly included in the knowledge items. There was an increasing focus on optimally serving the customer, in a personal and customer-oriented way. This was the start of phase three: optimal customer focus. 'Hospitality' became part of our work!

Customer focus

Ifmec was also allowed to remain involved in the customer focus of these municipalities. The Facilitydesk's self-managing capacity increased. This has led to more job satisfaction, because there was more room for other matters, such as substantive support for the FM advisors. The technology grew with the smarter use of the FMIS system and the Facility Desk became a useful source of knowledge. The Facility Desk is able to understand customer demand and to ask further questions. She is also able to look at possibilities and alternatives and to handle a large part of the applications herself. This results in a relief for the back office 'the FM advisors' and an increase in the professionalism and value of the Facility Desk. The transition in recent years has made it possible to work more efficiently. Less staff is needed and the available talent can be better utilized. The Facility Desk has become much more of a virtual environment. There is no longer a Facility desk, but a service concept in which the employees of the Facilities department work together. Together they ensure the continuity of the work. Ifmec is pleased that it has been able to help these municipalities move forward.

A young professional at the BAR organization started as a service desk employee and after three months became a junior advisor for various services. Where advice and work was carried out for the services: Security, Catering, Cleaning, Post and Hospitality. In addition, projects such as the conversion of the restaurant into a work café at two town halls and the implementation of a BHV call system were part of the work.

Another of our young professionals took over during the Covid pandemic. This included thinking along and preparing a hybrid office environment. In addition, support was provided to the 'Buildings' cluster, including the maintenance of office buildings and installations of Waternet.