About the client

Alliade's care units are experts in care for the disabled, care for the elderly, specialist youth care and occupational reintegration.

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Our contribution

As Project Manager Facility Services, our consultant was responsible for fleet management. This involved approximately 150 cars and the implementation of a Track & Trace system in the fleet. He has also written various recommendations to improve the Facility services of one of the Alliade subsidiaries. to be able to join Alliade's central Facilities company, which involved the Cleaning/Housekeeping, Restoration and Technical Services/Concierges Services.

In addition, one of our other consultants was responsible for the day-to-day management of 50 Facility Services employees in the Frisian States region. She was ultimately responsible for the quality of cleaning at 35 locations and was also responsible for the building management of 4 care locations.

After a reorganization to the Facilities & Services Participation department, our consultant took care of the policy, guidance and development of new guidelines. She participated in various projects including 'Deployment of F&S at SROI and Quotum Act'

As Project Leader Relocations, a consultant has taken responsibility for the preparation and management of the physical relocation of 7 different care locations within Talant (care for the disabled) and Meriant (care for the elderly), in times of COVID-19.

Another consultant has been Head of Logistics a.i. at healthcare group Alliade. He was manager of the Logistics department and was involved in improving work processes, realizing Quick Wins and drawing up a strategic development plan.

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